Desk Clamp for Articulating Desk Lamps

I bought a brand-new articulating desk lamp at a garage sale for $2, albeit missing the base, and needed a way to fasten it to my desk so that I could use it. This clamp will work with lamps with a base-shaft size of ~12-13 mm, and with desks less than 4 or 5 cm in thickness, depending on the specific fastening method used.

It was designed with a nut trap for a 1/4-20 nut, and for a 1/4-20 bolt or threaded rod. I used a socket-head cap-screw and a 1/4-20 knob I had laying around, but a knob for this could be printed quite easily. Version 2, shown here, includes a base that interlocks with the body of the clamp, and was designed for increased stability. It also includes knobs and pads (placed at the end of the bolt so that it won't bite into the bottom of the desk) for 1/4-20 hex and socket-head cap-screws (between 1.5and 2 is recommended). The newly added interlocking base and screw pad eliminated all wobble not attributable to the lamp itself, and the pieces fit together well with very minimal trimming. Enjoy!

Designed using OpenSCAD in July 2013. Refer to its Thingiverse page for downloads and more information.

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