Mini Desktop Fume Extractor

This 5-part 3D-printable design uses a 120 mm PC case fan and cheap activated charcoal filter pads, and may be used for solder fume extraction or airborne particulate extraction (e.g. for 3D printing with ABS).

The base features a cutout for mounting a power toggle switch (1/2x 3/4 rectangular cutout), a cutout for a rectangular 12 V DC power jack (9 x 11 mm), and an enclosed area for hiding cables.

The left leg of the device includes a recess for hiding the fan power cable, along with retention clips to retain it in place.

Both legs include nut-traps (slots for securely holding nuts) for the 1/2" 10-24 screws required for attaching the base of the device, and the rest can be assembled with long 10-24 screws or with zip ties (pictured).

A relatively powerful fan is needed to pull air through the 4 activated charcoal filters that I used, though fewer filters can be used if necessary. The fan may be mounted to the back of the device or the front of the device; here I mounted it to the front, as there it proved to be more effective.

Designed using OpenSCAD in 8/13. See Thingiverse page for downloads and more information.

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