Puzzlepiece Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Holder

This is a flat-packing tablet-holder attachment for a bluetooth keyboard. All three pieces can be easily printed within a 120 mm x 100 mm area, and to a height of 5 mm with low percent infill. 2 small rectangles of 4 mm-thick adhesive rubber were added to the bottom of the center-piece to reduce slippage on hard-surfaces.

It was designed for use with a 2012 Nexus 7 (though it should fit many other case-less or sufficiently-thin tablets and phones), and a BATTOP Ultra-Slim Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard, $12 on Amazon at the time of this post (if you cant find this exact one, there are several others on Amazon that appear to be the same).

Designed using OpenSCAD in September 2014. Refer to its Thingiverse page for downloads and more information.

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