Magnetic Screw Holder

Magnetic wood! Well, not quite...

This little thing didn't take very long to make, but I use it all the time. It's a small block of wood with an embedded neodymium magnet (a fragment of a hard-drive magnet).


The magnet is strong enough to grab small screws from the tip of a magnetic screwdriver and hold onto them, but not strong enough to create a 'chain of screws' when you go to pull one off. It really comes in handy when disassembling something with lots of small screws (like a cell phone or laptop, as long as you can remember which screw goes where).


To make it, I cut and squared off slightly wider block of wood (with a rectangular rather than square profile), and and gave one edge a swift hit with a chisel to split it apart. On the inside of each half, I removed a small amount of material (just enough to fit the magnet), placed the magnet inside, glued it shut, and clamped it until dry. Once dry, I cut off the edge that I had chiseled (to remove the small chisel blemish) and hit it with the belt sander, giving it the square profile you see above.

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