Shower Curtain Minder

Tired of that stubborn inner shower curtain that, no matter what you try, always manages to peel from the side of your tub, reach out, and cling to you? Ever had to wash yourself a second time after this happened at the gym, in your college dorm, or in an ever-so-slightly grimy hotel shower? This'll take care of that!

Uses four 8 x 21 x 2 mm neodymium bar magnets, superglued into place. Make sure to orient them correctly, to ensure that the two halves will attract.

Just place one on the inside curtain and one on the outside curtain (so that they pinch the two together). As this doesn't stick the curtain to the tub, it shouldn't interfere with opening and closing the curtain (like weights or magnets at the bottom of the curtain might).

Inside curtain on the left, outside curtain on the right.

Designed in December 2016. Refer to its Thingiverse page for the download.

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