Parametric Interlocking Wire Spool

A couple weeks ago, I placed an order on ebay for a few parts from China, and threw in some of this multicolor stranded-wire for less than a buck. It came in little plastic bags, so I decided to make some little spools for it so it'd be easier to get at.

To print the spools without supports, I designed each spool as two identical parts that snap together. Conveniently, the wire I bought came in rolls, so I was able to spool it without actually winding it. 😎

The two parts snap together to become one. A hole through the center (see middle image) allows a small bit of wire to be bent and passed though before winding to keep it from spinning around freely when unspooled

I also formatted the design so that it can be customized on Thingiverse before downloading; head over there if you want to try it out!

Designed using OpenSCAD in March, 2017.

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