3D Printed Planters and Vases

My wife and I have been on a bit of an indoor gardening kick lately. To help fuel that interest, I made a few 3D-printed planters, and I thought I'd share them here.

The first isn't exactly a planter, but it makes it easier to repurpose a cheap household item as one.

Legs for IKEA Sunnersta Kitchen Rail and Bins

When I first saw the Sunnersta rails and bins at IKEA, I thought they'd be great for hanging below the windowsill for growing herbs. When I went to hang them, I realized that the drywall below the window in our apartment was a little too weak for me to be comfortable doing so. Instead, I made a set of legs for the rack and placed it atop the windowsill, like so:

Designed using PTC Creo in January, 2019. See Thingiverse page to download.

Customizable Geometric Vase:

This one isn't really a planter either, but it's pretty cool nonetheless—*change a few variables and get a vastly different vase.* I designed it using OpenSCAD in 2018. Head over to Thingiverse to download it and make your own.

Fat Cat Planter:

This design was adapted from a 3D scan of a garden ornament made by pmoews, found on Thingiverse; I made an opening at the top, hollowed it out, and added a drainage hole. If you'd like to download it, head over to Thingiverse.

Coffee Cup Planter:

This one was also adapted from an existing design, this one by barspin, also from Thingiverse. Mine is here if you're in need of a planter. I used it for planting coffea arabica.

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