Build the world you want to live in

A call to action

No one else in the world has a wallet, keyholder, or watchband like mine. I know that because I made them.

We increasingly live in a world filled with constructed objects; ones made by people, for people. And typically not by those who coexist with them. In the sense that every human is a person, some might think of this as the personalization of our world, but in the sense that we are all individuals, with a spectrum of concerns, priorities, and needs, it is impersonal too.

As our objects are typically not made for us specifically, but for who we are presumed to be demographically, they will never be quite right for us unless we make them so. Personalizing our objects to better suit our own needs is empowering; creating them ourselves, precisely for ourselves, even more so.

You may say 'I could never do that,' or 'I don't have time for that.' But if you have ever changed the wallpaper on your computer or your ringtone (you might even have chosen not to use one at all), or if you have ever painted a room, you've already done it! You may say 'I like the things I buy, and I buy what I like,' or 'I'm no expert, the person who designed this knows better.' But you aren't the average person they designed things for—you are you. And nobody knows you better than you, even if you don't know it yet.

So go out and make. Because your world is what you make of it, whether you make it or not.

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